" This is Margó "


“ It started from a series of coincidences where I would be asked if I was wearing Margó's jewelry although I have never met her. This pushed me to take a look at her collection and discover the similarities in our love for artisan jewelry. Inspired by her,l decided to create a line of designs that would pass on from one generation to the other.”

We are on a mission to recreate classical jewlery, to innovate it, to change the conversation about the ephemeral fashion trends and to offer sustainable, artisanal, long lasting, high end yet affordable jewlery.
Each piece is a bridge between the past and the now.

Founder and Creative director

My name is Tara Maalouf ,I am a lebanese designer, architect and material expert based in Barcelona. My passion for designing at all scales emanates from my love of artisanal works and beauty that I was exposed to while growing up in Beirut. Listening to our music, visiting our towns, being in touch with our arts made me realize that no matter where I am, I want to spread our heritage.
Margó, as a woman, represented all this.